As a Nordstrom credit or debit cardholder, you can access your card account online. This is useful if, for example, you want to check your card balance or card transaction history. Online access can also be useful if you want to access your card statement or make payments. Signing up for online access with the Nordstrom Card is easy and can save you a lot of work (and time).


Nordstrom’s online card registration and enrollment make it easy for Nordstrom credit and debit cardholders to access and manage their card accounts. Once you’ve registered your Nordstrom credit or debit card for online access, it’s much easier to access your bank statements and transaction history. Functions such as payment or credit card checking also work.

To register online and access your Nordstrom card account, you will need the Nordstrom credit or debit card that you want to register. After registering, all you need to do is enter your username and password (below) to log into your Nordstrom card account online. To register online or log into a Nordstrom card account, you must also have access to the Internet.


Things You Must Know Before Getting New Card

Below are the highlights of the Nordstrom Card. You can benefit from all these special features of the card once you activate your credit card.

  • 3 points per dollar spent on purchases at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, and Trunk Club
  • $ 40 bonus on a purchase made the same day it was approved
  • Start shopping and use your card as soon as it’s approved online or through the Nordstrom app
  • Immediate insider status at the Nordy Club
  • Early access to anniversary offers and special events
  • no annual fee
  • No commissions for international transactions

After seeing the mentioned highlights of the card. I’m sure you have decided, whether to buy a card or not. The card is easy to use, easy to maintain, and very convenient.