Are you paying with a Nordstrom credit card or want to log in to view your bank statement or manage your account online? This article takes a detailed look at the Nordstrom credit card and provides information on available rewards, incentives, programs, and bonuses, as well as information on terms and conditions, such as APRs.


For current Nordstrom credit card customers who need to make a payment, see the following payment instructions. To make your payment online or manage your account, follow the link at the bottom of this page to access your Nordstrom credit card. There you will also find information about paying by phone and email.

Nordstrom Card is a US-based luxury department store chain with more than 230 stores nationwide. Originally opened in 1901 and selling only shoes, Nordstrom now offers a wide range of clothing and brands for everyone, as well as spas, restaurants, and cafes.


Frequently Asked Questions About The Card

What is the required credit rating for a Nordstrom card?
Nordstrom and his card editor T.D. The bank does not publish the required credit scores, but a reasonable to good rating will work for most loyalty cards. Experian considers a credit score between 580 and 669 to be reasonable.

What bank is the Nordstrom credit card?
The Nordstrom credit card, whether business or general, is issued by TD Bank. However, the multipurpose card can be a Visa Signature or Visa Platinum credit card. Nordstrom debit cards are issued by Nordstrom Card Services, Inc.

Is a Nordstrom credit card worth buying?
The Nordstrom card can be useful for frequent shoppers at one of your stores. Although the Nordstrom brand multipurpose card has the same benefits and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

How do I pay my Nordstrom credit card?
The easiest way to pay with your Nordstrom credit card is online. Cardholders can register or create an account online through Nordstrom Card Services.